The Kiddo Signs Off…

from, at least. HE HAS MOVED!!!!! Check out his new home here. ;)


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A New Chapter












Oh well. May has flown over like a breeze and it has been such a great journey. :) I’m gonna welcome June with a bang as I transfer to a new home over at Tumblr. I’m starting anew. No imports or stuff. I hope you guys would never get tired of the Kiddo and his endless stories. It only gets up from here. :’>

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Blow My Skull


Decided to go a tad bit edgy for my last look post here on this site. Admit it or not, I really would miss this place despite all the suckiness that it is bringing. This is where I first started to blog so it holds a milestone.




For this, I’ve decided not to delete it after I move to Tumblr. I want to be able to look back after 5 years and smile while looking at my initial suckiness and amateur photos. HAHAHAHA! But srsly though… :)



I’ve had this whistle with a dangling skull for a long time now but I just can’t think of when to use it for a post. I don’t usually go for too much darky-ness since I’m not comfy with that kinda stuff. But right now, I think it’s befitting. ;)




The Lowdown: Human harem pants ; 5 Japan floral shirt ; DIY skull whistle ; SM Accessories bracelets ;

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Looks Are Deceiving











Spaghetti Factory



Glorietta 1, South Dr, Ayala Center, Makati



  • Forest Mushrooms (Farfalle/ Bow Tie)
  • Fried Calamari Rings
  • Pasta ala Sardine (Fusilli)
  • Caesar Salad


Rating: 4

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Let’s Go to the Safari this Summer!!


Summer has quickly past and so is my patience for :( All these endless errors & server incompetency keeps pissing me off… So after contemplating for a few, I have finally decided to transfer to Tumblr. I know it’ll be such a hassle but I think it’d be for the better. This will be one of the the last posts I’ll publish here.




Anyway, enough of the bad vibes. Since the month of May is nearing its end, I decided to make the most of the heat & create a sun-kissed inspired look.




When you say summer, others would be quick to point out tank tops & skin-baring clothes.. But I beg to differ. I do believe that one doesn’t need to follow trends. We need to decide what fits our individuality the best. And I admit I don’t have a body to boast. Having said that, I then resorted to animal prints! Doesn’t this ensemble remind you of the exotic wilderness/ the safari/ Middle East heat?


The Lowdown: Thrifted zebra blazer ; Crossover aztec longsleeves ; Oxygen dark shorts ; SMCM black plimsolls ;

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Summer School


Other people call it “summer classes”, we call it “4th term”. Unbeknownst to others, here in Mapua, we only have one month for summer vacation (which is April). But heck, I’m actually used to these Mapuan strictness thingy already. Go figure! :P



The only stuff I don’t like, however, is that I get to stress my socks off on fitting everything in my schedule. Time is never negotiable. Just like this event for instance.. My tita & my lola (sister of my real lola) celebrated their birthday together. I was late. :( But nevertheless, I was all smiles because it’s fam bam time again! #GoodTimes



Shorts are my staples during the 4th term. Lately, I think I only wear pants once or twice weekly. Blame it all on El Nino & the bipolar climate of the PH.





The Lowdown: Hand Me Downs printed cardigan ; Thrifted camo shirt ; Billabong  shorts ; AMBLVD flag bag ; Swatch watch ;

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The Fault in Our Stars



I’m falling in love with books again! :) The influence of my friends has been getting under my skin again. No complaints about that though. There’s this prominent author I’m currently obsessing over.. Ever heard of John Green? The fact that he can illustrate catchy love stories minus those weird make-believe creatures is winning me over.




The first book I read from Green is the one with the same title as this post. Augustus Waters & Hazel Grace Lancaster’s incredible romance that’s full of laughter yet masks a powerful tearjerker genuinely made my summer. It’s inspired me to create this look nga pala. ;)





The Lowdown: Vincent Leisure Style vintage polo ; Oxygen dark shorts ; Pathfinder boots ;

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The Alodia Experience















Yesterday was another gratifying experience for a teenage boy just like me, all thanks to The New Builder. It’s really such an honor working for the school newspaper, all ‘coz of the perks that come inherently with it. Beng Beng, in collaboration with MYX, brought cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao together with TV personality Alex Gonzaga & VJs Ai and Karla to Mapua. Of course, knowing the kiddo, I begged for my editors to send me to do the job. I was originally supposed to interview Alodia but since her manager didn’t allow us to go in her room, we just shot photos trigger-happy style! Credits to Kuya Mio who helped me with this task. >:) Enjoy the eyecandy!

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Italian-American Pasta














Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante



UG/F SM City Fairview, Quirino Highway cor. Regalado Highway
Greater Lagro, Quezon City



  • Cheddar Crunch
  • Tuna Salad
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Pie
  • Fish Carbonara
  • Italian Sausage Pesto


Rating: 9

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Cycle of Life


The months of April & May definitely turns the Philippines into one gigantic blistering microwave oven, no? My gulay. It’s weird everyday whenever I wake up in the morning & I find my bedsheets entirely engulfed in sweat. Somebody please take me to Europe! >:)





And thing is, in times like this, our odds for layering enters an all-time low. Boo hoo! :( No choice but to wear tanks and shirts for tops. Imagine basking under the intense rays of the summer sun wearing a leather jacket or even just a cardigan. HEAT STROKE.



Just recently, I and my family members cooked up a little special something for next month. This is what I wore. We spent one whole day running around all sorts of places from Bulacan to Commonwealth, all for the name of love! <3 It’s entirely a hush-hush for now but since I love you guys, lemme give you a hint of what’s to come. ;)


The Lowdown: DIY graphic tee ; Cheap Monday skinny jeans ; Converse blue chucks ; SM Accessories accessories ;

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